Geography and History
The city of Valletta (Città Umilissima) is the main legal and administrative capital of Malta and is a focus for cultural and commercial activity. In 1980 the whole city was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO and it has been designated an Urban Conservation Area by the Maltese Planning Authority. There are about 1,500 registered trading licenses operating in Il-Belt Valletta. Maritime related industries and facilities are a distinctive characteristic of the Grand Harbour Area, of which il-Belt Valletta is the most important city. The Grand Harbour of Malta is a natural deep water harbour, extending 1.6km inland, protected by a two-arm breakwater which renders it a safe all weather port. It has multi-purpose quays which are used primarily for the handling of cargo, complete with transhipment, storage and warehouse facilities. Another important area being developed is the cruise liner market. Infact an international cruise liner passenger terminal is about to be built.